We are an experience design-studio, specialized in creating technological marvels and special effects.


We create magical experiences in the world of escape rooms. Apart from designing full experiences, we produce technological puzzles, special effects and control systems. Our partners utilize our puzzles to enhance the experience and improve game-play. When developing our puzzles, we highly value durability, aesthetics, and meaningful application. We create anything from the simplest ideas to the wildest dreams. Our passion and specialisation is creating magic.

What our clients say

  • “Function-oriented and effective. Proactive and cooperative and little is impossible. Pleasant to business with.”

    — Rik Stapelbroek - CEO Real Life Gaming —
  • “We’ve asked Gloeidraad to create a new element in ‘The Vault’. We’re very satisfied about the cooperation, working speed and the result”

    — Victor van Doorn - Co-founder Sherlocked —
  • “Gloeidraad made our wildest dream come true! Apart from thinking about the content of the puzzle, they’re capable of designing and producing the technical aspects for the ultimate experience. With Gloeidraad, every puzzle runs like an oiled machine… But electrical!”

    — Jeroen van Aerle - Co-founder Team Trapped —
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The power of magic, that’s what we believe in. The world in which technology intensifies experiences and enhances ambiances. And because the ideas behind puzzles are key to an authentic experience, our puzzles are always unique; there’s only one of each in the world.

This is what players say about our puzzles/experiences

  • “The puzzles are detailed, smart and exciting. It’s so much more than just locks and combinations – Wow!”

    — Scott C (Tripadvisor) —
  • “The story, decoration, the puzzles and the techniques: I highly recommend this!”

    — Joëla v, (Tripadvisor) —
  • “This escape room sets a new barrier for live escape rooms. Not just keys and closets, but challenging enigma’s, a technical masterpiece and an A location.”

    — jeannette030 (Tripadvisor) —
  • “A super fun and challinging escape room. The puzzles are high-end and you really need each other to make it.”

    — Sophie (escaperoomsnederland) —


When creating electronic / mechanical puzzles, control panels of comprehensive systems, we carefully choose the components and materials to strike a happy medium between robustness and aesthetics. Our puzzles are safe, reliable and as technologically advanced as the context requires.

Wild Idea?


Do you have a wild idea, but no idea if it’s realistic?

Ask us via Whatsapp – +316-1466 1611 – and receive an answer within a day.


Sorry, we don’t share content of our puzzles. We – and our partners – highly value protection of ideas and technologies.

We’ve created more than 140 puzzles for over 30 escape experiences. Our portfolio contains everything from magically opening doors to comprehensive systems including electronical/mechenical puzzles and special effects.


T: +316 1466 1611
E: raymond@gloeidraad.com

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